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Frequent, many times, many a time, often. (súnsun). (see masamí, makadámù).



To try one's patience, weary another by reluctance or tardiness in complying with his wishes, ask another for more than he is willing to give, and the like. Si nánay nagpasíntak lang sa ákon sang pagpangáyò ko sa íya nga tugútan akó sa pagtámbong sa báyle. Mother simply tired me out with her objections, when I asked her permission to assist at the dance. Ang mga bátà sing masamí nagapasíntak sa mga magtotóon. Children often try or tax heavily the patience of their teachers. (The simple síntak is out of use).



To dip, dive, sink in or under. Sálum or magsálum ka sa túbig. Dive into the water. Sálma ang lansétas ko. Dive down and get my knife. Sing masamí iníng línaw ginasálman sang mga bátà. The boys often dive in this quiet sheet of water.



To happen often, be frequent. See masamí.



To meet, encounter, come upon, fall in with. Nasumálang ko si Fuláno. I met N.N. Masumalángan ta riá ti masamí (Makít-an, mabasahán, masápwan ta inâ sing masamí) sa mga pamantaláan. We often-come upon those things,-find such matters mentioned, in the news-papers. (see samálang, sug-álaw, tábò, sapó, sugatâ).



(H) That is to be-adhered to,-stuck to,-clung to; susceptible of, impressible, impressionable, liable to; susceptible-, accessible-, receptive-, predisposed-, to (diseases, suggestions, schemes, etc.). Ang pisára nga nadagtaán sing lána dílì talapíkan sang yéso. A blackboard smeared with oil will not take marks of chalk. Ang mga malúya sing láwas amó sing masamí ang talapíkan sang balatían. Those who are weak of body are often liable or predisposed (accessible, receptive) to disease. (see tapík).

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