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(Sp. arriesgar) In the Visayan language this term has almost completely lost its original meaning "to risk, dare, venture" and now commonly signifies: to gain, make a profit, derive a pecuniary advantage from various enterprises, to make a bargain, buy, purchase. Nakaarísgal akó sa ákon punút sing isá ka gatús ka mángmang. I had a clear profit of one hundred pesos from my fish-trap. Mangarísgal akó. I am looking out for money, for something to yield me a profit. Arisgalí akó sing kálò. Get me a hat. Buy me a hat (at a bargain). (see patikáng, pangítà).



(Sp. alquilon) Hirer, one who hires out anything; anything for hire, as a vehicle, etc. (see hinákay, hilinakayán, ágsa, paágsa).

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