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To scent, perfume, cause to smell agreeably. Pahamutí ang ákon pányò. Scent my handkerchief. Put some perfume on my handkerchief. Also noun: Perfume, scent. Butangán mo sing pahamút ang ákon mga panápton sa baúl. Put some scent on my clothes in the trunk.



(Sp. agua) Water; perfume, scented water, scent. Ano nga ágwa ang ímo ginagámit? What sort of scent do you use? (see túbig-Water for drinking, cooking and washing is nearly always called "túbig" or "túbì", whilst the term "ágwa" is almost exclusively applied to perfumes). (see pahamút).



Fragrance; perfume, odour, sweet smell, agreeable scent, fine aroma; fragrant, odoriferous, scented, aromatical; to smell sweet, be fragrant, odoriferous, redolent of, etc. Hamút nga habón, ágwa, etc. Scented soap, fragrant perfume, etc. Walâ sing hamút iníng pólbos. This powder is not scented. Naghamút na ang mga páhò. The mangoes have now begun to give out their delicious odour. Pahamutá ang baúl mo. Sprinkle some scent in your trunk. (see humút, ámion).