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A young bird not yet able to fly, a fledgeling; a locust starting to grow wings. (see lúkso-a very young locust without wings, a hopper; tárik-a locust able to fly, but not far; apán-a full-grown locust).



A full-grown locust. (see palakúkwan-a young locust beginning to grow wings, but not yet able to fly; tárik-a young locust with newly grown wings, able to fly, but not far; lúkso-a young locust without wings, only capable of hopping along the ground). Also used as a verb figuratively. Abáw, nagalapán gid lang ang mga dumulúaw dídto! Why, the visitors there were as numerous as locusts! Dílì nínyo pagapanán ang pagkáon. Don't fall upon the meal like locusts.