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Dim. of panán-aw. (see panulúktúluk, pangalágkalág).



Seeking, looking for; to seek, look for, go in search of, try to find or obtain. Nagayangápyángap siá sing pagkáon (Ginayangáp-yángap níya ang íya pagkáon), kay nawád-an siá sa baláy. She is going about in search of something to eat, for she has nothing at home. (see lágap, hágap, sághap, pangítà, pangalágkalág).



Freq. of kalág-kalág. Also: to examine, search, try to find, look over a room, road, etc. for lost articles or the like. Pangalágkalagón mo ang kwárta nga nadúlà. Look for the lost money. Try to find the lost money. Pangalágkalagán mo ang dálan, básì pa lang nga makítà nímo ang síngsing nga nawígit (nagkawígit). Keep a sharp lookout on the way (look everywhere on the road), perhaps you will find the ring you dropped. (see pangítà, panulúktúluk).