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To stop, etc. See puút.



Interruption, interval, interstice, break, respite, interim, meantime; distance from; to put in an interval, be distant from, etc. Lang-atán mo sing isá ka ádlaw kag ugáling magbálik ka. Knock off for one day and then return. Come back the day after to-morrow. May láng-at nga duhá ka táknà. There was (is) an interval or pause of two hours. Nagláng-at siá sing diótay nga tión kag pumadáyon siá sang íya paglakát. He stopped for a few moments and then continued his march. (see langán, puót, bál-ot, tápnà).



End, termination, ceasing, break; to stop, terminate, come to an end or break. Sa waláy langán. Without end, interruption or break. (see puót, sa, waláy, puót, sa, waláy, katapúsan).