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Worn, obliterated by use, defaced, battered, sweated, light, bad, false, spurious, base, counterfeit; to be or become worn, etc., particularly applied to coins. Iníng unsíta índì na mabáton, kay nagpulinás. This doubloon will not be accepted,-One cannot pass this doubloon,-because it is worn. Pulinás nga kwárta. Worn out money, that is not fit any longer for currency. False or counterfeit money.



Worn-out, used-up, exhausted, dead-beat, done-up; to wear out, etc. Habót na gid akó sa lakás nga pagpangabúdlay. I am now quite worn out by hard work. Habót na ang delárgo ko. My trousers are frayed-or-the worse for wear. Indì mo paghabotón ang bág-o mo nga ulús. Don't wear out your new clothes. Ginahabót gid lang níya ang láwas níya sa walâ sing pulús nga trabáho. He is wearing himself out with useless labour. Nagahabót ang ginháwa ko. I am becoming exhausted. Habót nga háblon. A frail, fragile, warp or an old, worn-out cloth. (see gubát, rabanít, rabót, gurísnay, gúsbat, pulinás, kulirô, lapát).