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(B) Well, good, cured, in good condition; to get well, be cured, etc. Nagayád 'ron tána?-Hóod, ayád 'ron tána. Has he got well?-Yes, he is cured now. (see Nagáyo, na, siá?-Hóo, maáyo, na, siá).



Awake, waking; to wake, awaken, get up, rise, open one's eyes after a sleep, be aroused from sleep. Nakabúgtaw (nagbúgtaw) na siá?-Hóo, kay ginpabúgtaw ko siá. Is he awake now?-Yes, for I woke him. Búgtaw ka, kay ádlaw na. Wake up, for it is bright day. Pabugtawá siá. Wake him. Ginbugtawán níya yádtong gáhud. He was-waked,-woke,-woken,-wakened,-awakened,-roused, by that noise. He woke up at that noise. Ipabúgtaw akó ánay sa íya. Please wake him for me. Bugtawí sa buás ang paggalíng sang tubó. Rise tomorrow in time for the milling of the sugar cane. Rise very early tomorrow morning for the milling of the sugar cane. (see matá, pamúka, agáp).