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A game played by two parties, one defending all the approaches to, the other trying to reach, the "well" or "water" (táli). If one succeeds to reach the "water" without being touched by any of the defending guards, his party scores a victory; to play that game. Nagatinubiganáy silá. They are playing the tinubigán-game. (see tubígtúbig).



Water, watery liquid; to be or become watery, to melt, dissolve, liquefy (of salt, sugar, ice, etc.); to water, irrigate, mix with-, add-, put in-, water. Túbig nga ilímnon. Drinking water. Nagtúbig na ang tanán nga yélo. All the ice-is gone,-has melted. Amligí gid ang asín, agúd índì magtúbig sa tingúlan. Take good care of the salt or it will dissolve (liquefy) during) the rainy season. Tubígi ang kólon. Put some water in the rice-kettle. Pamulákan nga tinubigan. An irrigated garden. Pinatubígan ang íya talámnan. He irrigated his rice land. Gintubígan ko ang sópas, kay támà kaínit. I added some water to the soup, because it was so hot. (see tinubígan, tinubigán, tubígtúbig, búnyag, túnaw).



Dim. and Freq. of túbig. Also: a kind of game identical with tinubigán, which see. Nagahámpang silá sang tubígtúbig. They are playing the "water"-game.