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To turn aside, push back, clear one's way, pull or thrust aside with a jerk or a sudden swift movement. Wahíga ang mga kagíngking. Bend back the bamboo-branches. Ginwáhig níya si Fuláno. He pushed (pulled, jerked, threw) N.N. aside. (see tíklud, tulúd, bútong, wáslik).



To push with the elbow; to strike, slap. (see sikó, sikól, síkdol, huyáp, tapí, wáhig, lipát).



To strike backwards with a stick, a whip, etc.; to throw or push back, turn back. Ginwaslikán akó níya sang íya látigo. He struck back at me with his whip. Iwáslik sa idô ang bastón. Strike the dog behind you with your stick. Waslikí siá sing lúnang (lalaó). Throw some mud at him from behind. (see wáklì, walís, wáhig, lábtik).