Meaning of gólpe



(Sp. golpe) Bang, whack, thwack, wallop, buffet, blow, stroke, hit, knock, jolt, jog, jerk, shock; a sudden mishap, fit, accident or action. Sing (Sa) gólpe. All at once, suddenly, all of a sudden, unexpectedly, without preparation or premonition, with great force or impetus. Ginakígan níya siá sing gólpe kag gintíklod. All at once he got angry with him and pushed him aside. Napatáy siá sing gólpe. He died suddenly, quite unexpectedly. Also verb: Gingólpe níya ang pagdóksol sa kay Fuláno. He suddenly or impetuously attacked N.N. Golpehá ang paglámpus sang wásay sa káhoy. Swing the axe with all your might against the tree. Inâ nga bátà nagagílagíl, kay may gólpe. This boy was stunted in growth on account of an accident. (see hinálì, hinalî, lámpus, bálbal, samád).