Meaning of súlud



The reed in a weaving loom; a comb for the hair, especially one for combing out lice, etc. (see súgkay, husáy).



Inside, contents, interior, what is within; included, together with; to come in, enter, go in; to enter, invade, overrun. Anó ang sulúd siníng bakág? What are the contents of this basket? Ang sulúd sang baláy. The inside (interior) of the house. Sa sulúd sang isá ka búlan. Within a month. Mabáton mo dirâ ang sóhol nga napúlò ka mángmang nga binúlan sulúd ang pagkáon. You will receive there a monthly salary of ten pesos with free board (board included). Usisáa kon anó ang sulúd sinâ. Examine what is within (its contents). Sulúd! Come in! Indì akó makasulúd, kay napintalán ang ganháan. I cannot come in, for the door is bolted. Pasúdla ang mga bátà sa simbáhan. Make the children enter the church. Sinulúd ang bánwa sang mga buyóng. The robbers invaded the town. Súdli ang kínke sing agás. Fill the lamp with kerosene. Nasúdlan na ang paligosán sing túbig. The bath-tub has been filled with water. Iníng tabungós walâ na sing sulúd. This basket is now empty. Yanáng káha may sulúd nga madámù nga pílak. That box contains much money. (see sulúdlan, kasúdlan, unúd).