Meaning of takúd



Shutter, door, window; anything that is to be tied, fastened or hitched up to something else, as a draught animal, a cart, or the like; to shutter, close with a shutter; to attach to. Tákdi (takudí, takurí) ang báka. Yoke the ox. Itakúd ang pútyong sa báyò ko. Sew the button on my jacket. Tákdan mo ang ganháan. Shut the door. Itakúd ang takúd sa bintánà. Close the window-shutter. Tinákdan ko na ang karabáw sang arádo. I have now hitched the buffalo to the plough. (see takóp).



(H) To stand, be able to, afford, can. Indì na siá makatákud magtokád sa Napulák, kay tigúlang na siá. He cannot climb the Napulák any more, for he is an old man now. (see saráng, tukúd, batás).