Meaning of tálaw



Cowardice, pusillanimity, faintheartedness, timidity; to be or become cowardly, discouraged, skittish, to lose courage, quail, flinch, slink, cower, crouch, be cowed down, be timid or fainthearted. Nagtálaw siá. He became a coward. He winced, flinched, or acted like a coward (on this occasion, not having been a coward before). Nagpakítà siá sang íya pagkatálaw (pagkamatálaw). He showed, that he was a coward. Indì ka magpatálaw. Don't allow yourself to be intimidated. Don't lose courage. Ginataláwan akó sa íya. I consider him a coward. He appears to me to be a coward. Indì kamó magpakatálaw, kóndì magpakaísug kamó. Don't be cowards, but be brave. Ginhímò níya iní sa pagpatálaw sa ínyo, ápang índì gid kamó magpatálaw. He did this in order to make you fainthearted, but on no account permit yourselves to be discouraged. (see hádluk, ísol, patubalíng, paubág, pakitidalúm, paubús, dírham, kúlbà).