Meaning of tiémpo



(Sp. tiempo) Time, epoch, period, era, age, generation, term, date, season; weather, state (condition) of the sky (atmosphere, wind). Maáyo ang tiémpo. The weather is lovely (fine, beautiful). It's a lovely day. Maláin (gid) ang tiémpo. The weather is bad (most unpleasant). Kon pabór nga hángin kag maáyo ang tiémpo--. Wind and weather permitting--. Sádto nga tiémpo--. At that time--. In those days--. Walâ akó sing tiémpo. I have no time (leisure, off-time, time on hand). Sang úna nga tiémpo--. Formerly--. In bygone days--. Long (Many years) ago--. (see panahón, túig, dág-on, táon, tión, tig-).