Meaning of timoláng



Invective, insult, taunt, defamation, obloquy, diatribe, insulting or abusive language (word, expression), affront, mockery; to abuse in words, vituperate, scold, rail at, rate, revile, vilify, use insulting (invective) expressions, taunt, call names, inveigh against. Indì mo siá pagtimolangón. Don't insult him (verbally). Don't call him names. Anó ang gintimoláng níya sa ímo? What invectives did he hurl (throw, fling) at you? Ang pagtimoláng amó ang dalángpan sang mga matálaw kag sang walâ sing katarúngan. Invectives are the refuge of cowards and of those that cannot show (furnish, produce) evidence (of what they claim). (see buyáyaw, pamuyáyaw, libák, múlay, híkay, pamúlag, pamúyas).