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Spaced, spread out, not joined, not united, not together, not close to each other; to be or become separate or segregated from one another, etc. Sádto maíkit ang mga baláy siníng báryo, karón nagaták-aták na. Formerly the houses in this village were close together, now they are widely spaced. Ginaták-aták níla ang mga baláy. They spread the houses out singly with considerable distances between them. Aták-aták gid lámang dirí ang mga páhò, dílì gid pinúnsok. Mango-trees here are to be met with only one here and there, not in groups. Maáyo gid ang pagpaaták-aták sang mga baláy nga kawáyan kag nípà, kay kon gutúk sa minurô kag may kaláyo maúmid silá nga tanán. Houses made of bamboo and thatched with nípà should be spaced far from one another, for if they are close together within a village and a fire breaks out they will all be involved (in the calamity). (see atád-atád, putá-putá, malakâ, isáísa).



(Sp. atender) To attend to, look after, take care of, pay attention to. Atendehí ang ímo mga katungdánan. Attend to your duties. Atendehá ang ímò asiénda. Look after your plantation. Iatendér akó ánay siníng kwárto, kay may kadtoán akó. Please keep an eye on this room for a while, for I have to go out. (see tátap, sapák, alingá, bántay, baláka, ripára, dipára).

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