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To treat with neglect, to disregard, pay no attention to, to ignore, take no heed or account of, to put aside contemptuously. Ginaahíg-ahíg níla ang mga manák. They are neglecting their stepchildren. Ahíg-ahigá lang inâ. Simply ignore it or treat it with contempt or pass it over without notice. (see ihíg-ihíg id.; ihíd, pabayâ, pabíyà, támay).

pálhì, pálhi


Shunned, to be avoided, neglected, kept away from; to shun, avoid, neglect, ignore, eschew, have nothing to do with, keep away from, steer clear of. Pálhì nga lugár. A place to be avoided. A place it is inadvisable to go to. Dílì mo pagpalhión ang mga ímol. Do not shrink from (shun, keep aloof from) the poor. Ginapálhì níla yanáng táo. They pay no attention to that man. They ignore, despise that man. (see dílì, dumílì, ahíg-ahíg, ihíg-ihíg, síkway, pahámak, támay).