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(Sp. bolear) To pull-, drag-, by jerks, to jerk, push to and fro. Bulyahá ang pangá túbtub nga masánggì ang sangá. Push and pull the hooked pole till the branch breaks off the stem. Ginbúlya níya ang ákon bútkon túbtub nga nangákig akó (túbtub nga nadalá níya akó). He pulled my arm till I got angry (till he made me go along with him).



An attack, onset, shock, collision, joining battle, first impact; to attack, come together or meet in combat, to fight a battle, engage in a quarrel or dispute. Sang úna nga búngka sang áway nga malapúyut napílas siá. In the first opening of the hand-to-hand battle he was wounded. Ginbúngka akó níya sa dakâ nga kaákig. He attacked me with great fury. Indì mo siá pagbungkahón. Don't attack him. Don't be the aggressor against him. Kútub sang pagdeklarár níla sang géra nadúgay pa túbtub nga nagbungkahánay silá. From their declaration of war it was a long time till they joined battle, (till they engaged in actual fighting).



A scuffle, tussle, broil, fray, shindy, confused fight or tumult; to scuffle, tussle, fight tumultuously or confusedly. Nagadamokoláy silá. They are having a free fight. Tambagí ang mga bátà nga nagadamokoláy. Separate the boys that are quarrelling, scuffling, mixing in a fight. (see pakigáway, nga, malapúyot).



A dark cloud, shadow; phantom, anything the presence of which intimidates or inspires fear; to pursue, follow or be present at (ready to take sides or interfere), dispirit, discourage, daunt, check. Walâ silá makamáy-om nga sa malayô nagapaháyag na ang maitúm nga dámpug sang kalisúd. They could not guess that in the distance a dark cloud of impending trouble was appearing. Nagdámpug siá sa íla nga pagsúay, pakigáway, etc. He was present (and acted as a check) on their quarrelling, fighting, etc. Dampugí silá. Go after them. Pursue them. Be present at their meeting (in order to daunt them, interfere if necessary, etc.). (see gál-um, pangánod, túgpa, támbong, lagás, páhug).

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