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(Sp. atado) Tied, bound; a bundle or heap; a certain measure, particularly used in selling small fish. Nakabakál akó sing duhá ka atádo nga bilóng-bilóng, balingón, etc. I have bought two measures of bilóng-bilóng, balingón etc. N.B. Fish are often arranged for sale in little heaps to suit the dealer and his customers. The size of the heap may range from a handful to a hatful, and the price of each heap may vary from two centavos to half a peso, according to the quantity and quality of the fish. (see dulún, túmpok).



A part, share, division, piece, small heap of meat, fish, etc.; to divide, portion out, cut in parts, make small heaps of. Bugsoá ang kárne sing waló ka atádo nga mamísos. Cut the meat in eight pieces of a peso-worth each. Bugsoí akó sing bále pisítas sináng atádo. Cut me off a peseta worth of that piece. Ibúgsò akó ánay siníng ísdà. Kindly cut up this fish for me. Binugsoán níya siá sing bále salapî. He cut him off a piece worth fifty centavos. (see híwà, gulút, gíray, giráy, dolón, atádo, túmpok).



Part, division, share, separate piece. (see atádo).