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A kind of malignant ulcer, a carbuncle that frequently attacks the legs of children and heals but slowly.



Not well done, underdone, parboiled, not sufficiently cooked (of food); healing slowly (of ulcers, etc); desultory, unsatisfactory (of schooling, education, etc.). Also used as a verb. Iníng kán-on balotanóg. This rice is not sufficiently cooked. Ang bakokáng balotanóg. The carbuncle called "bakokáng" is slow in healing. Balotanóg gid lámang ang íya panoón. His schooling was very desultory or quite insufficient. Dílì mo pagpabalotanogón ang pagtíg-ang. Don't only half-cook the rice. (see angól-angól, akúl-akúl).



(B) A swelling, tumour, ulcer; boil; to swell, etc. Nagbanóg ang íya nga púgsa. The boil on his back has increased in size. Nabánggan (nabanogán) ang kamót ko. My hand is swollen or has become swollen. Binánggan ang batíis ko sing bakokáng. My calf became swollen on account of the carbuncle called "bakokáng". Iníng hubág mo magabanóg pa túbtub nga magbúswang. This boil of yours will swell more before it bursts. (see hubág, bukálong, bálhong).