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A skin disease, a kind of eczema or herpes attacking large parts of the skin and spreading rapidly. Also used as a verb. May dúnggas siá-or-ginadúnggas siá-or-ginadunggasán siá. He has the skin-disease "dúnggas". Sang túig nga tinalíkdan dinunggasán ang íya bátà sang dídto siá sa umá, ápang karón maáyo na siá. Last year his child had the skin-disease "dúnggas", when he was staying at his farm, but now it is well again. Indì ka magságad óbog sa mahígkò nga mga danáw kay básì dunggasón ikáw. Don't wade through dirty mud-puddles, for you may get the skin-disease "dúnggas". (In the "dúnggas" the pustules, eruptions and excoriations are thickly spread over considerable portions of the skin and so near together that there is scarcely a healthy spot left between them. The head, cheeks and chin, especially of children, seem to be most liable to contract "dúnggas"). (see dukót).