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To pounce-, swoop down-, upon, to clutch or grab (after the manner of a bird of prey). Ang ámon pisô gindágit sang salagiáwan. Our chicken was pounced upon by the hawk. Nadagítan kamí sang salagiáwan sing duhá ka manók. The hawk seized two of our chickens. (see tukúb).

Pouncing upon like birds of prey, grabbing, tearing to pieces (as a bird of prey does). Píspis nga mananágit. A bird of prey. (see dágit).



Freq. of dágit-to swoop down-, pounce-, upon, as a bird of prey.



Seizure, dismemberment, devourment; to bite, dig one's teeth in, tear to pieces (with one's teeth, fangs, tusks, or the like), to snatch, snap, pounce upon, swoop down upon, dismember and devour, fall upon living things with intent to kill or destroy. Ang kuríng nagatukúb sang ilagâ The cat pounces on the rat. Gintukúb sang mga lóbo ang mga karnéro. The wolves tore the sheep in pieces (and devoured them). Tinukúb siá sang idô. The dog bit him. Dinakúp sang haló ang pisô kag íya túkbon (gintukúb). The iguana caught the chicken and devoured it. (see kagát, úkub, dágit, káon, láglag, gús-ab, manunúkub, tulúkbon).