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Goal, end, termination, destination; port, haven, harbour. (see dúlung).

Together, at the same time, simultaneous, concomitant, concurrent, contemporaneous; to do together, act-in concert,-concomitantly-concurrently, etc. Nagdulúngan silá sa paglakát. They set out together. They marched off at the same time. (see dúngan, dungán).



(B) To succeed one another, follow in quick succession. Nagadurumálpog lang ang mga kalisúd. One trouble succeeds another. Difficulties are coming on in quick succession. (see abákabák, alábut, dulúngan).



Direction, destination, steering; prow; to go in the direction of, come towards, proceed to, approach, draw near, make for or towards. Nagadúlung (nagapadúlung) siá dirí. He is on his way here. He is approaching or drawing near. He is coming hither. Anó ang dúlung mo? Where are you going? What is your destination? Idúlung ang sakayán pa Manílà. Direct the boat towards Manila. Ginadulúngan níla ang katúndan. They are steering west.



(B) To succeed-, follow-, one another, to arrive-, go away or leave-, sit down to a meal-, rise from the table-, make one's appearance-, disappear-, one after another. Nagturugnóstúgnos sánda sa pagabút. (Nagtalagínus silá sa pagabút). They arrived one after another. Nagturugnóstúgnos sánda sa paghalín. (Nagtalagínus silá sa paghalín). They disappeared one by one. They left one after another. Indì kamó magtugnóstúgnos (magtinugnóstugnósay) sa pagígmà, kóndì magdurúngan kamó. (Dílì kamó magtalagínus sa pagpanyága, kóndì magdulungán kamó). Don't take your dinner one after another, but take it all together. (see sunúd, tagínus, talagínus).