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The end, etc. See hingapusán, hingapusón.



Put an end to, get ready, complete, finish. Ginahingumán na níya ang íya baláy. He is now finishing the building of his house. (see humán, hingápus, hinggágaw).



To cut off, finish, end, terminate, complete. Nagahingutás ang íya kabúhì. His life is coming to an end, (is ebbing away). Ginahingutás na níya ang ákon háblon. She is now finishing the weaving of my cloth. Hingutasí akó sa madalî nga saráng mahímò sing tátlo ka bára sang ákon delargóhon, kay may kinahánglan akó nga dakû. Finish for me quickly (as quickly as possible) the weaving of three yards of cloth for my trousers, for I am much in need of it. (see utás, hingágaw, hingápus, hingumán).



(H) Place where a thing is opened or untied, anything bound that should be untied or set free. Diín náyon ang hulubarán siníng bakág? Where is the opening of this carrier's basket (i.e. where do you start to untie the string with which this basket is fastened)? Gingápus níla iníng táo nga walâ sing salâ; hulubarán siá. They have bound this man who is innocent (has done nothing wrong); he should be set free. (see hubád).



To commit suicide, hang oneself; suicide. (see hingápus, híkog).



Freq. of sígput-to end, complete, finish; pick up all the particles left, gather the remnants of. Ginpanígput níla ang mga kán-on nga nagdokót sa túbò. They gathered (with their fingers) the rice sticking to the bamboo plate. (see hingápus, pamíngkong).

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