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Soaked in salt and water. Nakakáon akó sing hinánggup nga kamóti, kán-on, etc. I ate some tomatoes, rice, etc. soaked in salt and water. (see hánggup).



Cooked rice warmed up again with the addition of a little water; to put water into cooked rice. Basábasáha ang kán-on. Put some water into the rice and warm it. (see linúgaw-rice boiled in much water and stirred about till it gets very soft and porridge-like; hinánggup-cooked rice mixed with water, but not warmed up again).



To soak in water, to steep, mix with water (and salt), put in soak. Hanggupá ang kamátis. Put the tomatoes in water. Hanggupí akó sing kán-on. Mix me some cooked rice with water. Malúyag ka magkáon sing hinánggup nga rábanos? Do yon like to eat radishes steeped in water? (see húlum, húrum, lúgum, lúnud, lakót).