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(H) Even, level, smooth, plain, equal; to be or make even, equal, etc. Saláma (nagsaláma) na ang plása, kay natampukán ang mga nalupyakán. The public square is level now, because the depressions have been filled in. Salamáha ang dálan. Make the road smooth. Level the road. Ginsaláma níya silá. He treated them all on an equal footing. (see sáma, saráma, tápan).



Prop, support, shore, a length of cane or wood put up in a leaning position to prevent a house, wall, fence, etc. from falling; to prop, prop up, support, shore up. Suláyi ang baláy mo, agúd índì mapúkan sang hángin. Put props to your house, lest the wind should blow it over. Magsúlay (manúlay, magpanúlay) na kitá sang áton mga baláy, kay may bágyo nga maabút. Let us shore up our houses (with leaning supports), for a storm is approaching. (see tokó-an upright or vertical prop for floors, etc.).



Hole, hollow, pit, sink, depression, any place or cavity that is to be filled up or serves as a depositary or storage, (especially for the collection of garbage, refuse, rubbish, offal); cesspool. (see táp-ok, talampúkan).

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