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That is to be-sent away,-made to go outside,-shown or produced (on a stage, or the like); opera comique, musical comedy, play, drama, theatrical entertainment. (see gwâ).



(Sp. velada) Evening entertainment, drama, play, soirée. (see palagwáon, talan-áwon, hámpang, kalingáwan).

Liking, pleased with, taking pleasure in, devoted to, inclined to, addicted to, partial to, gone on. Mawilíhon siá sang síne, sang mga palagwáon, etc. He likes to go to moving picture shows, is partial to theatres or stage-plays, etc. Mawilíhon siá sang sa sulúd sang baláy kag matinalákon sang mga pangalípay sa luás sang baláy. She loves her home and is averse to pleasures outside her home. (see wíli, maluyagón).



In succession, without interruption, following one close on the other; to follow in quick succession, succeed without interruption. Ang amó nga palagwáon íla ginpagwâ sa tátlo ka gáb-i nga sagúnsun. That play was staged by them on three successive nights. Makátlo siá napilián nga sagúnsun sa pagkapangúlo-puód. Three times in succession he was chosen Provincial Governor. Nagsagúnsun gid lámang sa amó nga kátay ang ginatús nga mga áwto. In that parade there were hundreds of automobiles forming an uninterrupted (unbroken) line. (see sunúd, abútabút, abákabák).