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Dim. and Freq. of hándal. Nagahandálhándal síla sing mga pahumút, mga estámpa kag nagakasarî-sárì nga punípúni sa láwas. They are selling perfumes, pictures and various cosmetics. (see hangdálhángdal id.).



(H) Superfluous, redundant, exaggeration, what is to be or should be removed, taken away or left out, or, "taken with a grain of salt" (not to be fully believed). Kalalíson na gid ang amó nga mga punípúni. Those flourishes (or little decorations) should be removed or left out. Ang íya nga pagpakigsúmpung sa kay Fuláno may katarúngan nga dakû, ápang kalalíson gid man ang ibán nga ginsilíng níya. His opposition to N.N. is perfectly justified, but some of the things he said must be taken with a grain of salt. (see kalís).



Trifles, matters that are not to the point or are of no importance, addition, embellishment, flowers (of speech); to mention frequently, converse about, speak of, refer to constantly, talk about matters of little importance. Madámù siá sing rawáráwa kon maghámbal. When he talks he makes many irrelevant statements, "beats about the bush". Mga rawáráwa lang ang íya nga ginsúgid. He mentioned nothing of importance, uttered mere commonplaces or platitudes, spoke about trifles, was not to the point. Masúnsun siá nagarawáráwa tungúd sang íya nadúlà nga kwárta. He frequently talks about the money he lost. (see bulákbúlak, punípúni, móno, búkò, hámbal, wákal, búrà).