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buisít, buísit


Ill-starred, unlucky; luckless, unfortunate, miserable, out of luck; to be or become unfortunate, etc. Nagbuisít ang íya pangabúhì. His life became miserable. Indì ka magbána sa kay Fuláno, kay básì mabuisitán ikáw. Don't marry N.N., for you may be miserable with him. Nabuisitán silá sa karón nga túig sa íla nga pangúma, kay diótay gid lámang ang íla pinatubás. They were unlucky this year with their farming for their harvest was very small indeed. (see waláy, swérte, maláut, sing, pálad-or-síng, kapaláran, etc.).



(Sp. destino) Destination, appointment, allocation; destiny, doom, fate, lot, fortune, chance. (see kapaláran, swérte, pálad, kadtoán).



To practise palmistry, tell a person's fortune by the lines and marks of the palm. Maálam siá, konó, maghimálad. He is, they say, an expert in palmistry. Ginhimaláran siá sang manughimálad sang íya nga kapaláran. The palmister told his fortune from the lines of his palm. Himalári (-ádi) siá kon anó ang íya swérte. Tell his fortune from the lines of his palm. (see pálad, kapaláran, pasimpalád).



Fate, chance, fortune, luck, happiness, blessedness. Maáyo nga kapaláran. Good luck. Maláut nga kapaláran. Bad luck. (see pálad, sukúd, swérte).



(Sp. lote) Lot, fortune, chance, hazard, luck, fate; a piece of ground, parcel, patch, lot; to draw lots, play loto. Lotéhan (ripáhan) nínyo kon sín-o ang mangintagíya siníng relóh. Draw lots for the one who is to be the possessor of this watch. (see pálad, kapaláran, swérte, punâ, pinunâ, báhin, rípa).

See suâ, suák, suál, suál-suál, suáni, suéldo, suérte, suítik.