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To prick, prod, sting. See tíslok, tisók, túslok, tubók.

One who excites, urges on, sets on, stimulates, animates, encourages, enrages others, so that they may quarrel, fight, or the like; inciter, instigator, setter-on, stirrer-up, promoter; a gossip, scandal-monger, tale-bearer, telltale, long-tongue, cackler; a happy-go-lucky, thoughtless fellow. Indì ka magpáti sa íya, kay-daw si Tublokláwi,-tublokláwi inâ siá. Don't believe him, because he is-a stirrer-up of strife,-a great gossip or scandal-monger,-a good-for-nothing fellow. (see túblok-to prick; láwi-the long curved tail-feathers of a cock; dusô-bútong, súgyot, sótsot).