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To urge on, egg on, tempt, induce, stir up, agitate, excite, provoke, arouse, instigate. Ginsúgyot níya siá sa pagpadáyon sang kasábà. He urged him on to continue the lawsuit. Indì mo siá pagsugyotón sa pagpahalín sang íya agsadór. Don't induce him to dismiss (send away) his leaseholder. Si Eba nagpasúgyot sa yáwà. Eve allowed herself to be seduced by the devil. (see súdyot id.).



(H) Dim. and Freq. of galít. To tease a little, irk, weary, disturb, bore; incite, provoke. (see tulúd, súgyot, súdyot).



To incite, urge, stir up, impel, push, instigate. Ginsótsot ni Fuláno ang íya útud nga awáyon akó. N.N. incited his brother to-fight,-quarrel, with me. (see súdyot, súgyot, tulúd).



To incite, stimulate, urge, tempt. (see súgyot, súplut, tulúd, sútsut, sótsot).



To tempt, try to seduce, lead into temptation, put to the test, provoke, incite, entice, persuade (especially to do evil). Indì mo siá pagsulayón. Don't-tempt him,-put him to the test. Si Hesús ginsuláy sang yáwà (manunúlay). Jesus was tempted by the devil (tempter). (see hágad, sútsut, súgyot, tulúd).



To incite, induce, urge, influence, instigate, lead into, persuade, tempt. Indì mo siá pagsuplutón sa pagbúhat sing maláin. Don't tempt him to do wrong. (see súdyot, súgyot, sótsot).

One who excites, urges on, sets on, stimulates, animates, encourages, enrages others, so that they may quarrel, fight, or the like; inciter, instigator, setter-on, stirrer-up, promoter; a gossip, scandal-monger, tale-bearer, telltale, long-tongue, cackler; a happy-go-lucky, thoughtless fellow. Indì ka magpáti sa íya, kay-daw si Tublokláwi,-tublokláwi inâ siá. Don't believe him, because he is-a stirrer-up of strife,-a great gossip or scandal-monger,-a good-for-nothing fellow. (see túblok-to prick; láwi-the long curved tail-feathers of a cock; dusô-bútong, súgyot, sótsot).