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To act impulsively, precipitately, thoughtlessly, on the spur of the moment. (see tabiláng, tabinás, típlang).



To do or say something thoughtlessly, precipitately, on a sudden impulse; to stumble or fall into (carelessly, absent-mindedly). Andam ka, agúd índì ka dirâ matabiláng. Be on your guard or you-will fall into that hole (trap, snare, etc.) there,-you will put your foot in it. Nakatabiláng siá sa paghámbal sing súbung. He spoke like that without thinking. (see hinálì, hinalî, tambiláng, tabinás).

Upside down, rolling over, to turn head over heels (heels over head) in falling down, to roll over, turn a somersault in falling down. Sang pagkahúlug níya nagtambiláng siá sa sangá sang káhoy. When he fell down he turned a somersault on the branch of the tree. (see tumbiláng,

To turn over and over in falling down from a considerable height, tumble down head over heels. Nakatumbiláng siá sa káhoy. He fell from high up the tree. (see tambiláng, húlug).