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(B) See warâ ti. (see walâ, sing, waláy).



No, not, none, no one, not any, nothing; there is not, does not exist, there has not been (existed); to be not, have not, be a nonentity, to lack, be deprived of, be not there, to disappear, be gone. Nagkádto ka dídto?-Walâ (akó magkádto). Did you go (Have you been) there?-No, I did not go (I have no been there). Walâ siá pagsugál. He does not gamble. He never gambles. Walâ siá magsugál kahápon. He has not been gambling yesterday. Walâ siá magasugál. He is not gambling (just at present. May kwárta ikáw?-Walâ. Have you (any) money?-No, I have not (none). Walâ kamí sing humáy. We have no rice. Walâ siá dirí. He is not here. Walâ akó gánì sinâ makasáyod. I really did not know it (that). Walâ níya pagtumána (pagatumána) ang sógò. Walâ siá magtúman (magatúman) sang sógò. He did not fulfil (is not fulfilling) the order or precept. He was (is) disobedient. Walâ siá magatoón sa karón nga túig. He is not studying (schooling) this year. Náno na lang ang ímo sinâ sa íla pagdakúp, kon walâ ka sing hinangíban? How can you catch (arrest) them unarmed (without arms, unless you have arms)? Sa walâ sing kon anó--. Without any apparent reason--. Suddenly--. Without much ado (fuss)--. Walâ sing anó man. Don't mention it. It is very little (nothing). Sa walâ gid madúgay umabút siá. It did not last long before he arrived. Sa walâ sing balíbad (lídan). Without excuse (fail). Ginakawalaán (Ginakawád-an, ginakawár-an) silá konkaisá sing pagkáon. At times they have nothing to eat (are lacking, are deprived of, food). (see waáy, waláy, wáy, warâ, warát, warâ, ti, , dílì, índì, bokón, kinawalâ).

waláy, walá'y


(H) For walâ sing. Walá'y sapayán--. Notwithstanding, nevertheless, though, although, in spite of--. Waláy pulús. No good. Useless. Of no use. Waláy táo sa baláy. There is nobody at home. (see wa'áy, waáy, wáy, warát, warâ, ti).