Meaning of ágap


To cope with, manage, be able to perform or accomplish. Agápon mo lang inâ. Do your best to cope with it. Try to accomplish it. (see agám, gahús).


To rise early, be early at work, to do early in the morning, anticipate. Agapí ang pagarádo. Be early at the ploughing. Rise early in the morning for the ploughing. Agapá ang pagbúhat sinâ. Do it early in the morning. Gina-*agapán nila ang pagpangítà sing mga tulún-an, bisán madúgay pa ang pagbukás sang mga buluthúan. They are already looking for books, though the opening of the schools is still a long while off. (see pamúka).


Also: Early, premature, too soon, untimely. Agáp nga kamatáyon. Premature (untimely) death. (see láb-as, hiláw, hinálì, kuyús).