Meaning of álias



To fly off, to fly out in all directions from a hole or receptacle, as rice grains from the mortar, if pounded unskilfully. Magaálias ang humáy sa lusóng kon tótwon sing bikwálon. Rice-grains will fly off in all directions from the mortar, if pounded awkwardly. Dî mo pagpaaliasón ang humáy. Don't let the rice-grains scatter. Don't send the rice-grains scattering or flying off in all directions. Sang pagbayó ni Fuláno naaliasán ang salúg sing madámù nga bináto nga humáy. When N.N. was pounding rice, many grains flew out and scattered over the floor. (see ályas, id.; ásik, ágsik, ásang, álwak, ályak-to spill (of water, etc.); wisík-to sprinkle, splash).