Meaning of pihák



A half; one part or side of anything cut in two; the other side, the part or side that is-beyond,-behind,-in front,-to the right or left,-opposite. Isá ka pihák. One half. Sa pihák. On the other side. Sa pihák sang búkid. Beyond the mountain. On the other side of the mountain. Diín ka makádto?-Sa pihák. Where are you going to?-(I am going) to the other side. N.B. Here and in similar cases, on account of the various meanings of "pihák", it may be necessary to further question the speaker as to what part or what direction he really alludes to by "pihák". (see tungâ, bangî, tabók, likorán, atubángan, tupád, kílid, únhan, támpad).



To cut in two parts, to halve, cut in half, divide in halves. Piháka ang báboy. Cut the pig in two. Nagpíhak siá sang ísdà. He cut the fish (lengthwise) in halves. Piháki akó sing páhò. Cut a mango in half for me. (see tungâ, pákas, útud).