Meaning of sípong



To bind-, tie-, knot-, connect-, string-, together, to fasten in a knot, attach to each other by a knot (threads, yarn, hemp-fibres, etc.). Sipónga ang lánot nga talagakón. Bind together the hemp-fibre that is to be got ready for reeling (spooling, winding on a reel). (see higót, balíghot, tábid, súgpon, balô).



Bound together, tied, secure, fastened well, tight, drawn together; contracted, knit, frowning (of eyebrows). Sipóng ang íya mga kílay. (Nagapasípong siá sang íya mga kílay). His eyebrows are knit, contracted. (He is knitting his eyebrows. He is frowning).