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(Sp. a la capa) For appearance only, for politeness' sake, coldly formal, not heartily or sincerely. Gin-*ágda man akó níya, hóo, ápang alakápa lang. He invited me also, yes, but only to keep up appearances. Nagtámbong man siá, ápang alakápa lang, dílì hutúhut. He put in an appearance too, but in a coldly formal way, not with right goodwill. (see pasamústra, pakuláhaw id.).



Loose, etc. See halúg, halugâ, halugakâ. Also: Half-hearted, careless, insincere, not with right good will. Halungkakâ gid lang ang pagágda níya sa ákon. He invited me only as a matter of form (for mere appearance' sake, with no real heartiness). Halungkakâ nga trabáho. Bungling performance, careless, botched, clumsy work. (see pasamústra, alakápa, halimpapáw, salimpapáw, pakuláhaw).



Superficial, pretended, sham, not hearty, not open or honest, insincere, dissembling. (see pakuláhaw, pasamústra, alakápa).

Merely formal, not hearty, not sincere; to do coldly or perfunctorily. Pinadálhan níya kamí sing isá ka pangágda ngga pakuláhaw gid. He sent us a very cold (merely formal) invitation. Pagkádlaw nga pakuláhaw. A cold, forced, not a hearty or natural smile. (see alakápa, pasamústra, matúgnaw, hiláw, dílì, hutúhut).



(Sp. pasar, muestra) Only for appearances, coldly formal, not wholeheartedly or sincerely. Pasamústra lang ang íya pagtámbong dirí, ang íya pagágda sa ákon, etc. His attending here is a mere formality, his invitation to me is far from hearty, etc. (see alakápa, dílì, hutúhut, pakuláhaw).