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An exclamation of joy and pleasure: Oh, how nice! How lovely! What a beauty! This is fine! (see aráw, aráwaráw).



Trifles, matters that are not to the point or are of no importance, addition, embellishment, flowers (of speech); to mention frequently, converse about, speak of, refer to constantly, talk about matters of little importance. Madámù siá sing rawáráwa kon maghámbal. When he talks he makes many irrelevant statements, "beats about the bush". Mga rawáráwa lang ang íya nga ginsúgid. He mentioned nothing of importance, uttered mere commonplaces or platitudes, spoke about trifles, was not to the point. Masúnsun siá nagarawáráwa tungúd sang íya nadúlà nga kwárta. He frequently talks about the money he lost. (see bulákbúlak, punípúni, móno, búkò, hámbal, wákal, búrà).