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Bell, tocsin; the ringing of a bell; to ring a bell, to sound the tocsin. May kampanáryo silá, ápang waláy bágting. They have a belfry, but no bells. Waláy bágting kaína sang ága. This morning there was no ringing of bells. Ibágting or bagtingá ang linggánay. Ring the bell. Ginbágting níya ang bágting nga dakû. He rang the big bell. Bagtingí ang bulunyágan. Ring the bell for the baptism or for the one to be baptized. Ibágting akó ánay sang orasyón. Ring the Angelus for me, please. Pabagtingán, konó, sang panínoy ang mga kalasálon sing tátlo ka basál. The godfather, it is rumoured, will have three peals of bells rung in honour of the marriage couple. (see linggánay, básal, basál, repíke, rimáti, púrut).



(H) To raise, or lift up a little, clothes such as the skirt, the cassock or the like. Balakínga ang patádyong mo, kay madálum ang subâ. Raise your skirt a little, for the river is deep. Magbaláking ka sang sotána mo, agúd índì mabasâ. Lift your cassock a little, lest it should get wet. (see kalókos, kolókos-to tuck up the trousers or the like; baráking).



Dim. of bató. Also: to do a little at a time, pick up here and there, read and spell at the same time, do falteringly or haltingly, do or let do by turns and the like. Ginbatóbató silá sang Párì sang mga tóksò. The Parish-Priest picked out several questions from the catechism for them to answer one by one. Nagabatóbató siá sa pagbása. He reads with difficulty, falteringly, stumbling over syllables, etc.



To open; unfold (a book or the like). Bilára (-áda) ang tulún-an. Open the book. Bilári akó sang líbro. Open the book for me. Ginabílad mo lang ang líbro nga walâ mo pagbasáha. You are holding the book open without reading it. Biniláran níya ang látok sang íya mga panápton. He spread or displayed his clothes on the table. (see húmlad, bulád, ládlad, bíkat-to force asunder, etc.).



To spread out, especially to dry in the sun. Buladá or bulará ang humáy, ang hábul, etc. Spread out the rice, the blanket, etc. Bularí ang amákan sing humáy. Spread some rice on the bamboo-mat. Ibulád akó sang ákon báyò, kay nabasâ. Please put out my jacket to dry (in the sun), for it is wet. (see ládlad, bílad, banílad).

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