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Hardly, with difficulty, scarcely. The phrase "kon hárus pa" means: Times (conditions, circumstances, etc.) are very hard, trying, difficult, driving one almost to despair, or the like. (see hálus).



(B) Sufficient, enough; fit, proper; to be sufficient or fit, etc. Arus na. Enough. That's sufficient. Indì maárus ang íya nga pamísti. Her way of dressing is not proper. (see bastánte, túman, ígò, ángay, hárus, íro).



(H) Scarcely, hardly, barely, only just, with difficulty. Hálus akó makaginháwa. I can scarcely breathe. Hálus siá nakabáton sang sulát, dáyon siá naglakát. When he received the letter, he went off at once. Hálus siá nakaabút sa baláy nabúgtò ang íya ginháwa. He had barely reached home, when he expired. Hálus magbágting ang linggánay dáyon kamó magbángon. As soon as the bell rings, rise at once. Hálus námon madumdumán inâ. We can scarcely remember it. We have almost forgotten it. (see hárus).