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To struggle, rear up, jump, curvet, make frantic efforts (as a horse trying to get loose, etc. (see húblag).



See kubyál-to struggle, etc.



(Sp. trompis) A blow with the fist. But in Visayan almost exclusively used in the meaning: to struggle, make frantic efforts to escape or get free, to kick, make convulsive movements to gain one's freedom, etc. (see rímpwal, kúbyal, hiwasâ, pálak, pólok).

To roll down head over heels, fall down a steep incline, etc.; to struggle, wriggle, writhe, move restlessly, tumble about (as one suffering great pain, or the like). (see túmba, rímpwal, hiwasâ, kubyál, etc.).



Gambol, frisk, frolic, running and jumping with clapping of hands, or the like; to frolic, gambol, frisk, run and jump and clap one's hands, make violent gesticulations; to make convulsive movements, start, startle, struggle, wriggle, writhe, get a shock. Iníng bátà daw pírme gid lang nagatumpilák. This boy is-never at rest,-always up to something,-always running and jumping and making a noise. (see rímpwal, pólok, pálak, kubyál, hinúgyaw).