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(B) To do to excess, too much, immoderately, excessively, to overdo, overstep the mark, exceed the proper limits. Indì mo pagpalam-agón ang ímo nga dayáw. Don't be so excessively vain. Indì mo siá pagpalam-agán sang hámbal. Don't talk too much to him. (see lám-ag, patámà).

patámà, patamâ


To exceed, do to excess, overdo, overstep the mark, go beyond the limit, affect too much; cause to exceed, etc. Ginpatám-an níya siá sing mga ilímnon nga makahulúbug. He went beyond the limit in treating him to intoxicating drinks. Ayáw pagpatám-i sing pangabúdlay ang mga bátà. For heaven's sake, do not overwork the children. (see támà, palakás).

To be indolent, lazy, negligent, to neglect. Ginapatamád-tamáran níla ang amó nga mga butáng. They are lazy (negligent, careless) about those matters. (see támad).



Very touchy, extremely sensitive, thin-skinned, crying upon the least occasion, etc. Amog nga bátà. A very touchy child. Also: to be or become touchy, etc. Sán-o pa ikáw magámog? When did you become so touchy? Since when are you so sensitive? Naamogán kamí sa íya. We consider him, very touchy. Indì ka maginámog. Don't be over-sensitive. Indì ka magpatámà sang ímo pagkaámog. Don't go too far in your sensitiveness. (see bingít, pawíkan).