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(Sp. zarabánda) To roam about, go from place to place, be a loafer or an idler. Anó man ang ginasarabánda mo? Why are you always roaming about? Igò lang siá sang sarabánda. He is a mere loafer (an idler). He is doing nothing but walking about idly from place to place. (see tiógtióg, landólándo, lagáwlágaw).



To strut, walk about proudly with head thrown back; to walk about idly or aimlessly, promenade or go from place to place for lack of serious occupation. Tan-awá yanáng bugalón nga nagabiádbíad sa dálan. Look at that proud fellow who walks on the road with his head thrown back. Igò lang sa íya ang biádbíad. Igò lang siá sang biádbíad. He is only fit for promenading or for walking about idly. He does nothing but strolling, sauntering. (see báy-ad, liád-líad, barumbáda, sarabánda).



(Sp. bordada) Tack, the tacking of a ship; to wear ship, tack a ship, to put about; to go to and fro, roam about to no purpose. (see pakádto-pakarí, sarabánda, barumbáda).