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(B) An exclamation used to emphasize a statement: Why! Surely! Certainly! There is no doubt about it. Tî, kon amó inâ nga walâ ka paghúgud sa pagtoón, índì ka makabáton sing prémyo. Anóng! Indì balá? Why, if you won't study diligently, you won't receive a prize. That is certain! Is it not?



(Sp. ansia, ansiar) Eagerness, anxiety, desire for; to be eager, anxious, to desire, hanker after or crave; want; to dissemble or hide one's eagerness, to refuse or decline only apparently. May ánsyas siá sa pagtoón, paglakát, paghalín, etc. He is anxious to study, to walk, to go away, etc. Nagaánsyas siá sa pakigáway. He is eager for a fight. Ansyasí ang pagbátok mo sa íya. Show that you are eager to oppose him. Iánsyas mo sa íya iníng bastón. Use this stick to show him that you are quite ready to fight him. Nagánsyas siá, ugái nakaúyon man sinâ. He apparently refused, but in reality he liked it. Indì ka magánsyas, kay nakasáyod man akó, nga malúyag ka magtámbong dídto. Don't hide your eagerness, for I know well enough that you wish to be present there. (see hánggab, lúyag, pangabáy, himúlat, bisyó-bísyo, birô-bírò, indî-índì).



Dim. of ánsyas. Ginaansyás-ánsyas níya ang pagbáton siníng dúlot ápang sa pagkamatúod nagawíli siá gid sinâ. He declines for mere appearance' sake to accept this present, but in truth he wants it very much. (see birgî-bírgì, bisyó-bísyo, etc.).



Wife, spouse, a married woman whose husband is alive; to take a wife, marry, wed, espouse. My asáwa siá. He is married or has a wife. Sín-o ang pangasáw-on mo? Whom are you going to marry? Who is your wife to be? Si Pédro, konó, mangasáwa sa buás. Peter, they say, is going to be married tomorrow. Asáwa ko, batóna iníng síngsing kag iníng áras nga tándà sang áton pagasáwa. My wife, accept this ring and this dowry in token of our wedlock. (Part of the marriage ceremony), (see pangasáwa, pagbána-to take a husband).

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