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(B) A fine-tooth comb; to comb (and catch lice) with such a comb. Sugkayá ang bohók na. (Sulúra ang íya bohók). Comb his hair with a fine-tooth comb. (see husáy, súlud).



The reed in a weaving loom; a comb for the hair, especially one for combing out lice, etc. (see súgkay, husáy).

See kahúsay. Also: A clearing up, a settling or adjustment of a dispute, quarrel, debt, etc.



(B) Order, system, propriety, proper arrangement. Warâ ti arasán ang (Walâ sing kahusayán (kasamputánan) ang íla) prosesyón, panokár, pamágting, etc. nánda. There is (was) no order in their procession, music, ringing of bells, etc.



To lie about in disorder, pell-mell, put in a disorderly way, disarray, jumble, litter, mess, huddle, muddle, higgledy-piggledy, topsy-turvy. Nagadamókol gid lang ang íya mga panápton. His clothes are lying about in great disorder. Husáya ang ímo panápton sa maléta, índì mo pagdamokólon. Arrange your clothes neatly in the handbag, don't throw them in anyhow, higgledy-piggledy. (see dúm-ok, hál-id, lághit, háb-on).



Disturbance, row, riot, trouble, disorder, tumult, fracas, affray, melee, uproar, squabble, brawl, commotion; to cause a disturbance, etc., throw into confusion, take away peace or tranquillity. May gamú silá sa íla baláy. There is some disorder or commotion in their home. Indì kamó maggamú or magginamú dirí sa ámon. Don't disturb us here. Don't interrupt our peace or tranquillity. Ginámwan níya ang bánwa. He caused a commotion in town. Iníng duhá ka táo may dakû nga gamú. These two men are at loggerheads, are having a serious fight or quarrel between themselves. Pagámwa (pagamuhá) lang silá, kay walâ man sing pulús kon ímo silá husáyon, kay índì silá mamátì. Just let them fight it out, for it is of no use to try to mediate, as they won't listen to you. Anó ang nanginkabangdánan siníng gamú? What is the origin or cause of this riot? (see garók, gáhud, galúng, gúbat).



String, cord, line, rope, cordage; to twist, make into a string or cord. Lubíra (-ída) ang tabákò. Make the tobacco leaves up into strings. Lubíron mo na lang ang gomón sang lánot, kay índì na mahúsay. Simply now make the tangled hemp-fibres into rope for they cannot be unravelled any more. Lubíri akó sing limá ka dupá nga kalát, písì, etc. Make me ten yards of rope, cord, etc. Ilúbid akó ánay siníng lánot, bunáng, etc. Kindly twist these hemp-fibres, this yarn, etc. into string for me.

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