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(Sp. a ver) Let us see. Let us have a try. Hóo, abír, kon makabúhat ka sinâ. Yes, let us see, whether you can do that. (see tan-awón, ta, ipakítà, mo, tilawán, ta, etc.).



To be or become thick, stout, plump, large in circumference; thick, stout, plump; coarse (of cloth). Abáw, nagbahól na si Fuláno! By Jove, N.N. has grown stout! Nabaholán akó so íya. I was surprised at his stoutness-or-he appeared to me to be stout. Bahól nga táo, bahól nga hénero. A stout man, coarse cloth. Ginabaholán akó siníng hénero; ipakítà mo sa ákon inâ dirâ. This cloth is too rough or too coarse for me; show me that one over there. (see dakû).



To show, let see, exhibit; to appear. Ginpakítà níya sa ákon ang bág-o níya nga áwto. He showed me his new automobile. Ipakítà sa ákon ang (pakitái akó sang) ímo binakál. (Show me) Let me see what you bought. Ang Diós nagpakítà kay Moisés. God appeared to Moses. (see kítà).