Meaning of tabón



Cover, lid, spread, screen, cloak, disguise, anything used to close an opening or to hide something out of sight. (see tábon, bísò, loón, táklub, takúp, soón).



To cover, envelop, clothe, cloak, overspread the surface of one thing with another, make use of any kind of covering in order to shelter, protect or conceal (hide). Tabóni sing dáhon ang tabungós. Cover the tabungós-basket with leaves. Tinabónan níla sing dútà ang mga bató. They covered (overspread) the stones with earth. Itábon iníng hábul sa masakít nga bátà. Cover the sick child with this blanket. Tabóni ang dápat nga tabónan. Conceal what should be concealed. Hide what should not be seen. Amó ang gintábon níla sa íla sakayán. With that (In that way) they hid (concealed, camouflaged) their boat. Indì na matabónan ang íla ginamús. Their pickled fish (Their bad or secret doings) cannot be hid any longer. (see táplak, tágò, tinagô, hinabón).