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Gentle, mild, soft, zephyr (of wind). (see mahínay, kanúnay, dupóydúpoy); wide, spacious, open, clear of obstruction, large (of a field, room, etc. see malápad, maálway, masángkad); to be mild, blow softly; to be spacious, etc. Ang hángin hanáhay or nagahanáhay. A gentle breeze is blowing. Hanáhay nga hulút. A large, spacious room.



Wind, air, draught, breeze, squall, puff, gust (of wind); atmosphere, climate; to be windy, etc. May hángin or nagahángin. The wind is blowing. It is windy. Ginhangínan kamí sing mabáskug sang pagbáklay námon sang búkid. We encountered a strong wind, when we crossed the mountain. Pahangíni ang humáy. Winnow the rice. Magpaliwálíwa ka sa laín nga hángin. Spend your holiday in a different climate,-in different surroundings. (see unús, dulús, bágyo, buháwi, mádlus, dupóydúpoy).



A light breeze, slight wind, zephyr. (see dupóydúpoy).



Breeze, wind, air. (see dupóydúpoy, hángin).

Dim. and Freq. of pílik. To tremble, move, shake slightly; to shake off (by a quick tremulous motion). Ginapapilíkpílik sang dupóydúpoy sang hángin ang mga pakláng sang ságing. The soft breeze is moving (swinging, swaying) the banana leaves gently to and fro. Pinilíkpilikán siá sang lunángon nga karabáw kag napilitán siá sa pagpalígos. He was bespattered with mud by a dirty buffalo and was forced to clean himself by taking a bath. (see hulághúlag).



To splash or beat against, (said of water, wind, etc.). Ang dágat nagasábya sa baybáyon. The sea beats (against) upon the beach. Ginasabyahán kitá dirí sang matám-is nga dupóydúpoy sang hángin. We are blown upon (fanned) here by the gentle breeze. (see dápya).